Supervisor Survival Skills 3

Length (hours): 3

Discipline is one of the most difficult responsibilities of a supervisor and, as a result, is often avoided. The objective of discipline is to correct inappropriate behavior of a worker in order to make the worker a more productive member of the organization. This workshop will address supervisory techniques to avoid the need for discipline, and when and how to employ the following aspects of progressive discipline when necessary: informal discussions and formal verbal warning, written warning, probation, suspension with and without pay, demotion and termination. The session concludes with a viewing and discussion of Ken Blanchard's video Whale Done, which shows how we can learn leadership and personal interaction techniques by observing the training of whales.  These sessions are targeted to employees with supervisory responsibility.  However, non-supervisory employees wishing to participate are welcome.

Required course for LEAD and Supervisor Development Program

ALTERNATIVE to completing the classroom session of SSS3 - Complete the following Skillsoft online courses:
a.   First Time Manager Essentials: Understanding a Manager’s Role

b.   Business Coaching Essentials: Getting Ready to Coach

c.  Progressive Disciplinary Procedures: